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finished works and new projects

This marks #2 and #3 out of the four illustration set I plan on having printed. I keep saying "plan" like I have one. (I don't.) There isn't a lot of room in my life to be able to sit down and make some concrete plans, really get things figured out. Working full time, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my fur baby, on top of finding time to sit down and draw- it's intense, it's like a constant state of acting and reacting. I just started taking my supplies to work with me and drawing on my breaks. (I know- working while I'm working. But actually it's been really good, and a couple people have approached me to network because of it!)

As a young artist, still trying to figure everything out on my own, without any kind of formal training, what really helped me is to see some of my most influential artists in action. This came from blog posts, from works in progress, from being able to go back and see all of their progress and practice. So, that's why I'm always posting progress posts and photos of works in progress. One day it might help someone like me.

This is a tattoo commission for a friend with a family full of Simon and Garfunkel fans. She's also going to culinary school to be a chef, so this tattoo design packs a one-two punch. I was delighted to work on this for her when she told me about the design!

I'll also be adding some more works to my portfolio- some older paintings I did over the winter.

If you have any questions, comments, leave a comment or email me:

Thanks for reading, babies. I love you~

- ronnie, witchmoss

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